What I’ve Said

Welcome to the Essay Archive page at this website.

On the series of drop-down subheadings, you will find my former Home Page essays, posted on various Enfield political subjects. It starts with the 2019 campaign for Town Councilperson and proceeds from there, into my service as your representative on the Enfield Town Board.

Since beginning this archive, some of the personalities in Enfield Town Government have moved on. Therefore, I’ve deleted several of the older essays, those I judge no longer relevant to Enfield’s current state of affairs. As events and issues continue to evolve, so will this list of topics.

Some of the campaign-related essays remain. They state my beliefs and my principals, They live on beyond the 2019 election. Each serves as a record of my campaign, archived for your future reference.

Click the sub-headings and read on.

Bob Lynch