2019-Today Commentary Archives

Please view the sub-tabs of this file to read the “Taking a Stand” commentaries I’ve previously posted during the months and years past; public statements reflecting positions I’ve taken since launching my campaign for Enfield Town Councilperson in 2019.

I’ve stated these positions on the Enfield Town Board, before the Tompkins County Legislature, and elsewhere during these past four-plus years. They reflect positions I advocated during my initial campaign for public office, those I advanced after having first been elected, and those which capture my passion now that I prepare to undertake my second term of office.

I believe in the need to stand up and to state what I believe are constituent opinions; what I believe are correct stands on the issues; and what we, Enfield, Tompkins County, and the broader community need to undertake to become a stronger, greater, and more truly representative democracy.

Others may have differing opinions. These are mine.

Bob Lynch