My Four Pillars of Leadership

I build my campaign for County Legislature on four strong pillars of leadership:

  1. Economy:  Every dollar we spend should have a reason behind it.  The Old Library’s brown bricks are now in some landfill.  But if we’re now poised to spend $20 Million or more on a new office complex, we need to make a business case to support it first.
  • Transparency:  I’ve witnessed a half-century of this Legislature’s commitment to Open Government.  But that tradition’s taken a hit lately.  We need fewer executive sessions, less reliance on the party caucus, and an unswerving rededication to straight talk with everyone we serve.  The ornate windows of our 1854 legislative chambers may be old and narrow.  But they can still can let in much sunlight
  • Safety:  To bring sunset to the pandemic, our first goal must be universal, voluntary vaccination.  And when it comes to policing reform, I’ve already put my thoughts on the line.  I support our Sheriff.  We should craft our own Reimagining plan, not bind ourselves to the City’s.  And true toughness demands nothing short of a zero-tolerance policy that confronts police violence and discriminatory enforcement with no-nonsense discipline.
  • Bold Ideas:  Let’s think outside the box.  Has County Administration grown so big we need an elected Executive?  Should we hasten reapportionment’s equitable rewards by using weighted voting these next four years?  Is there a better choice than the current one-rate-fits-all solid waste fee?  Talk costs us nothing but a little of our time.  And I’ve learned that the best solutions can sometimes result from the wildest of ideas.

To learn more, click on the sub-headings to this tab, where each of these initiatives will be described in greater detail. These constitute the heart and soul of what I believe in; of what I want for you. Read them and you’ll learn more about me.

Bob Lynch